Monday, October 1, 2007

More Advance Wars DS 2 screens

The other day I posted about a suspicious Advance Wars DS 2 demo in the Micromania Games Show in France. Well, you can clear your suspicions because it really was an Advance Wars DS 2 demo. And I just felt a little more worried than last time when I saw these pictures from Jeux-France (Thank heavens for these guys, and grr@French-language demo). Intelligent Systems really did change things up a bit, and the game has a darker, more serious tone to it.

These guys are only two of probably very many, entirely new COs. Notice how neither of them are smiling, unlike Andy or Jake. They still look sort of cartoonish, but the shading/lighting of the art makes it look gloomy.

At least this aspect didn't change--the cute little icons representing units in the map are drawn in the same style as in previous games.

Here's the how-many-turns-have-passed screen Same as before, as well. Notice the emblem.

And here's some tanks in action. They do look more realistic, and the action sequences are now viewed from a different angle. I wonder if the units still fly off the screen when defeated..

The changes aren't as bad as I thought they would be actually, the new art looks okay, and I like the new angle in the action sequences. I would probably still play this game. However I don't imagine it'll be as fun as its predecessors--it just looks so gloomy! And the overall quirkiness was half the reason why Advance Wars games are fun. I just hope the characters actually aren't so stern-looking all the time!

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