Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Trauma Center (Caduceus: New Blood)

Operating room drama returns! Atlus' new installment in the Trauma Center series (Caduceus in Japan land) for the Nintendo Wii features new characters (Stiles doesn't seem to be in here anywhere), a new story, and simultaneous two-player mode (!), and of course, new medical emergencies. Not much info is available yet, apart from a couple of screenshots and the new characters.

Marcus Vaughn, a doctor in a small hospital in Alaska. Special skills: slowing down time

Valerie Blaylock, Vaughn's colleague. If I'm reading the article correctly (very unlikely) she also has Healing Touch.

Another day, another swollen, broken arm with shards of glass embedded in it...

Notice how there are two tool menus.

Vitals dropping! It just had to be said :(

Release date is sometime 2007 in Japan. Get your team of pretend surgeons ready, and LETS BEGIN THE

Source: Famitsu

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