Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Otacon's role in MGS4--HMMMM.

note: I was debating with myself whether or not I should post this because I might be accused of making things up and sensationalizing, but I was already done when I realized what really happened so I thought might as well, just add a note at the top.

Man, if Hideo Kojima weren't fond of messing with the heads of his fans, this would be so easy to dismiss as shenanigans or a simple mistake. Remember when Konami hinted at Raiden by making a toy figure of him? They just might be at it again. Observe this screen from

At first I thought, "bah, could be just a stupid mistake" but then someone pointed this out:
Hmm. The item on the picture is clearly Snake from MGS4. In fact, it looks exactly like the Snake figure from the same toy series...but with a mask on. And you know how Kojima is with masks and false identities...

But you know...they probably just really meant "Otacamo" and not "Otacon" and that Otacon in the battlefield is a pretty far-fetched idea anyway, but wouldn't it be cool if Otacon were a playable character? :(

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